How can enterprise micro site pace?

Nowadays, WeChat users each year are on the rise, now has more than three hundred million. Many enterprise site would like to take this opportunity to hope that through the establishment of effective micro platform to do website promotion. Thus was born a kind of new marketing mode - micro marketing! WeChat public platform, then, a few of the function is not enough, companies are using enough power and independent research and development is done by third party sites is required at this time. Then, the site of the pace of construction of exactly how to move forward? Specific means what? Now TV station network and together to listen to the resolution of the personage inside course of study!
First of all, enterprises should first become users of the service site, need to register on the site, then click on the configuration, this time can be automatically configured with WeChat public platform for the development of the interface, you need to be done in the website backstage simple that can be set to complete the task.
Second, after registration can choose personalized management tasks. Then need to select web page, and then edit content, had better add Settings to see shows.
Third, the function of micro site need to add some beautification, that it doesn't make the website appear drab. In order to make web site can look more rich color, this is the need to increase some beautification function. How to beautify it? Everyone can be set with the addition of columns, templates, methods to achieve. In order to make the enterprise website can effectively save the cost, WeChat management service has been configured for the user in a few website templates, at this time as long as after a simple personality can quickly generate the enterprise own micro sites.
The existence of the micro site can let the enterprise information and service activities through WeChat page in the form of a performance, is the best means to improve enterprise information effectively.
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